Cinderella: Unique in Simplicity

You know the movie you follow on social media months before it comes out? You watch every trailer, and already begin to tuck the lines into your memory? Back in December, that movie was The Hobbit:The Battle of Five Armies(which as a side note, I do plan to publish a blog post on after it’s released to DVD), a few weeks ago, however, this movie was Cinderella. 

At first, I honestly didn’t feel overly excited about Cinderella. I had only heard of it briefly, and I was imagining yet another fairy tale twist. Whoever first thought up a fairy tale twist was a genius, but you’d think after awhile the idea should get old. Strangely, for me personally, the concept hasn’t worn off, and I have enjoyed most that I read/saw, but never having been a huge Cinderella fan anyways, I didn’t feel too intrigued with this one.

My thoughts changed when I heard about it again early January and a friend informed me that Cate Blanchett played the wicked stepmother. In addition to “liking” the Facebook page to subscribe for more trailers and news, I hunted down a trailer and actually began planning to see it.  Once I start following a movie on Facebook, I’m automatically hooked.

So there I stood, March 14th, in the movie theater line, far more excited than should be rational considering I hadn’t sat down to watch the Cinderella cartoon in a long time. And the result? I loved it! Disney managed to pull off a sweet, touching movie that took me back to the days of my four year-old Disney Princesses love. With the big lovely dresses, adorable mice, and nasty villain’s nasty laugh(simply nasty :D), it displayed a magic like the cartoon’s, but added a new dimension to the story that only “real” people could.

Also, despite my first idea that the movie was a twist on the original story, it really wasn’t. Sure, they added some parts(i.e. scenes from Cinderella’s early childhood, scenes of the prince and his dying father), but Disney didn’t twist the ending and followed the original movie neatly. Cinderella followed two other fairy tale movies released in the last year, called Maleficent, and Into the Woods. Both had changed from the first fairy tale stories, perhaps trying to be more original, but Cinderella stood out with no surprises. It proved original in its familiarness; unique in its simplicity.

Lastly, maybe the best part for me was Cinderella’s motto: “Have courage and be kind,” far better than “Follow your dreams,” as so many other princess movies have taught us. Rating: 4.4 stars

Favorite Character: Cinderella


8 thoughts on “Cinderella: Unique in Simplicity

  1. I simply must watch it now! I had a mild urge to see it–I love Disney princess movies–but considering that a pal now said it was wonderful and stuck to the original plot, I want to watch it even more!

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