“Bianca” a Comic Tragedy

I joined a Louisa May Alcott challenge at the beginning of June, and, as my siblings can probably testify, have had my nose stuck in one of her books for much time during the following weeks. I finished my list Thursday with a short play written by Meg and Jo March(the oldest Mach sisters from her book, Little Women).

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge ... JUNE 2015

Louisa May Alcott being a young playwright herself(just for some small plays she performed with her family), I’ve developed a theory that these were perhaps penned by her before the concept of Little Women, had been birthed. But that’s just a hypothesis. : ) This book landed in my list for its brevity and my interest in the plays Jo/Meg wrote. I found it in a collection called Comic Tragedies: Written by Jo and Meg and Acted by the Little Women.

It’s difficult to review this story since

1). It’s written by fictional beginner authors and not intended for public performances.

2). It’s quite short.

The story line runs something like this– Bianca feels conflicted by her two lovers and greatly prefers one over the other. Through a series of mistakes, her true lover dies and leaves the others to perish of(more or less) broken hearts.

You could call it weird and overly-sentimental, but, to me, it read like something that had flowed right out of Jo’s pen.

But, all the same, I really did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Little Women and would like to take a closer look at the March sisters’ lives. 🙂

Rating: 4 stars


2 thoughts on ““Bianca” a Comic Tragedy

  1. Hmm. Bianca sounds like a fascinating play. A bit deep, with all that death in the story. But it’s definitely on my “need to obtain and read” list! 🙂

    I’m so glad you joined the LMA reading challenge this June! Hope to have you back next year for the challenge too.

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