~Why I Read Reason #1~

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve been gone fishin’ and a little busy with life in general lately, so I let my new blog idea go for a bit. But, I’m back now and ready with–

#1- Books Are Deeper Than Movies

There are those occasional exceptions, but you’d be surprised how often this principle is really true.

I don’t just mean movies which don’t always follow the book. I mean (almost)any film adaption of any book, regardless of how faithful or unfaithful.

This may just be me, but I feel that movies are much more entertainment-centered, whereas books focus less on keeping you on the edge of your seat and more on telling a thought-provoking story which will linger after you’ve closed the book and picked up another.

Why do you think books are better? Or would you like to argue that movies beat books? I’m interested in what other readers have to say. 🙂

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”–Groucho Marx


5 thoughts on “~Why I Read Reason #1~

  1. I agree that books are deeper then most movies.. However, every once and a while, (much to my delight) a movie is as good as a book.

    And just a random note… I pinned that exact picture on pinterest.. The one with the iceberg. It is so true!!

  2. Hmm… On most occasions, I full-heartedly agree with you. But, there are some movies that are just as good as their book predecessors, and–on very rare occasions–better.

    On a random side-note (this made me think of Harry Potter for some random reason), I wonder if Emma Watson is the daughter of John Watson, or vice-versa (changing “daughter” to “son”, of course)? Yes, my random mind works that way… Very strange…

    1. Oh, yes! There are the exceptions! The ones that come to mind are “The Giver”(I know you like the book better, but I can’t decide) and “Hugo”. I also remember your dad saying that LotR movies are better than the books in his opinion. Which movies do you like better?

      I don’t think there’s any connection, but maybe! ( :

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