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A Couple Blog Tags

My blogging friend Olivia(whose blog, by the way, is really good!) has nominated me for a few tags, so thank you, Olivia!! First, the–

1.  Thank and link to the blogger/s who nominated you
2.  Answer the 11 questions
3.  Nominate/tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions
Okay, here are the 11 questions and their 11 answers:

Do you have a hero(someone who has inspired you)?

The reformers(Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, etc.) and protestants who risked their lives to glorify God have always stood out to me.

Books touch us all: which book or story has touched you in particular?

Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia(surprise, surprise!). But one I don’t talk about as much which has particularly touched me– The Hiding Place. Everyone should read this book.

What was one of the most ridiculous things you have done in front of a stranger?

Who knows. . . 🙂

Do you have any pastimes or hobbies?

Well besides the obvious reading and writing, I enjoy cross-stitching, music(the playing and listening of) and blogging.

What is a book or movie that you fangirl over excessively?

Pride and Prejudice. I talk about that book too often. : D

What are some of your life’s goals/dreams (say as little or as much as you like…)?

I’d looooove to publish a book someday– that and read Les Miserables which counts as a life goal, because it will probably take a long time. (:

What is something you wished you were better at?

Self-motivation. And science. Science is not my favorite subject.

What character from a book or movie do you love?

Besides the characters I listed in my top ten list, I really like Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.

What character from a book or movie do you hate?

I honestly can’t help feeling bad for him in some parts, but Uncle Andrew from The Magician’s Nephew is pretty nasty.

Have you ever cried when reading a book?

I realize this may make me look like a cold, heartless bookworm, but the honest answer is no.

Where would your dream vacation be?

Like Olivia wrote, Prince Edward Island or maybe I’d go for New Zealand.

My questions(which I’m trying to keep all book-oriented)–

1. Which was one of the first chapter books you remember reading?

2. Is there a book you’ve read which everybody else seemed to like but you didn’t?

3. Which is the longest book you’ve read?

4. Do you have a favorite quote from a book?

5. Would you rather read a book or write a blog post?

6. How many books(if any?) have you read that are worse than the movie?

7. Which book character do you relate to the best?

8. Do you watch movies based on books you haven’t read yet or do you not really care?

9. Which is the most boring book you’ve ever read(not including textbooks)?

10. Can you read and eat at the same time?

11. Which is your favorite place to read?

And moving on to the 2nd blog tag. . .

Do you have a favorite mug or teacup?
Unless thermos bottles count as mugs, not really.
Are you an adventurous eater?  (Do you try “strange” foods?)
Yes! Sushi is one of my favorites.
What fandoms are you into?
Lots– but I’ll try to keep it to the ones that are actual fandoms and don’t just consist of me.
Lord of the Rings. Chronicles of Narnia. Captain America. Les Mis(though I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, I love some of the songs). Beauty and the Beast.
What famous author/book do you not really care for?
Most of the popular books nowadays I don’t really care for, but particularly Divergent which you can see from one of my earlier posts.  (:
Which obscure author/book are you crazy about?
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. It’s kind of meant for younger kids, but I loved it.
What’s the oldest movie you’ve ever watched?
I honestly don’t know.
What did you have for breakfast today?
Bagels with butter and honey. Yummm.
When did you first see your favorite movie?
I think my favorite movie is Return of the King, which I believe I saw with my Dad a few months after turning 12.
Do you prefer fantasy or sci-fi?
Fantasy!! Though there’s a lot of fantasy out there I don’t care for.
What did you expect your blog to be like when you started it?
I’m not sure exactly. . . I’ve deleted most of my older posts, but originally it was more for posting updates on my life and family.
Has it changed?  If so, how?
Now I use it more for book/movies/writing stuff, which I honestly find more interesting, anyway.

And, as far as nominating goes, I’m nominating anyone who wants to do it. 😀 Thanks for reading!

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
― Lemony Snicket, from Horseradish


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I’ve been nominated by Olivia to participate in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thank you, Olivia!

1.  Thank the blogger[s] who nominated you, linking back to [their] blogs.
2.  Put the Award logo on your blog.
3.  Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4.  Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Nominate ten blogs.

Olivia’s Questions

1.  What is one movie/tv dwelling place in which you would like to live?
Hmmm, Narnia. It’s home. 🙂 And I’m aware this is also from a book series, but I couldn’t think of anything else.
2.  One character from a musical whom you really love?
Belle from Beauty and the Beast, which counts(right?) even though it’s Disney.
3.  Is there a particular wardrobe item you find yourself wearing over and over?
A hat I bought at Aeropostale after Christmas.
4.  What is your favorite fruit?
5.  Top five TV shows?
Okay, so…I don’t actually watch many TV shows, except The Cosby ShowDoctor Who(barely), and BBC book adaptions. One of the few areas in which I’m NOT terribly nerdy.
6.  Do you like to listen to the radio?
Nah, Pandora is better.
7.  How many pets do you have, if any, and if you don’t have any, would you like one?
A dog(Bailey) and a cat(Buttercup).
8.  Do you like school?
Depends when you ask. Currently- sure… I’m really glad and grateful I do the school I do, but it cuts into so much time I would be doing other things, and can be quite tedious sometimes.
9.  Are you more inspired by the mountains, the seaside, or the country?
Good question. I’d have to choose mountains.
10.  Do you enjoy poetry?
Yes, but I’d like to read more. Any suggestions?
And, here are my questions for you:
1. Which is your favorite book most people don’t like/know?
2. Would you rather eat a cupcake or a generous slice of chocolate cake?
3. Which movie quote do you use most often?
4. If you were to learn another instrument, which would you pick?
5. Are there any movies you’ve seen over five times?
6. Of the books on your bookshelf in your room, which has the prettiest cover?
7. When did you first want to begin blogging?
8. Which is your favorite app?
9. Who’s your favorite music artist?
10. Do you have a favorite color?

And I’m sorry, but I’m only tagging two blogs. Just couldn’t think up ten.