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A New Blog Post Plan~Why I Write #1

Hello, everyone! How is your Wednesday going? My brilliant(;D) new idea is to post a reason for “Why I Write” or “Why I Read” weekly every Wednesday. This week’s post will be on writing, next week’s on reading, the next’s on writing, and so on and so forth.

And, of course, I’m referring to all types of writing, whether jotting down random sentences for an ill-planned novel, journaling, blogging, whatever.

#1- Writing Helps me to Read More Closely

Recently, I’ve been bothered by how often “and” shows up in my sentences for the purpose of avoiding extra sentences(to quote Strunk and White, “Omit needless words!”).

My solution? I paid closer attention to the word structure in Llyod Alexander’s The Castle of Llyr and here’s an example of my findings–

“Setting the golden sphere on the ground, Taran strode to the rock face and sought to raise hiself by grasping the slight ripples of stone, but the wall was too sheer, his hands slipped, clutched vainly for support, and fell back before he had been able to climb his own height. Gurgi, too, attempted to scale the smooth surface. For all his agility, he did little better than Taran and sunk down, puffing and moaning.” –Llyod Alexander, emphasis added

That is a detail I never would have noticed otherwise. Nearly anyone who’s tried fictional writing has heard the tip, “To write well, you must read.” (read well = write well) But, isn’t it also true- “Write well to read well”?

Have you ever experienced this? I’d love to hear from you– do you have any suggestions for future Wednesday posts?

“I like good strong words that mean something…” –Louisa May Alcott