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Paper vs. the eBook

Maybe one of the most controversial topics in the bookworm world remains the use of kindles vs. real, familiar, paper-and-ink, books. Although I haven’t completely joined a side yet, here are the benefits I have found for each one:


1. The “good book smell”.

Call me an incompetent book nerd, but I’ve honestly never been a big fan of this particular smell. However, most people adore it, so I’m sticking with the argument.


My favorites read, Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, Keep Calm and Read On, and Keep Calm and Type On(with a cute typewriter picture).

3. The Cozy Book Feeling

Let’s face it. You just don’t experience the same “cozy feeling” with a kindle or nook that you would with a “real book”.

4. Distraction-Free

The world of technology beeps, whistles, chimes, and in every way distracts, constantly. And even on the smaller-scale kindles that don’t send notifications, there’s always the internet, or at the very least the book store to distract you from the purpose of an ebook, reading.

5. Tradition

Maybe in a few decades, but at this time in history, we don’t have any classic authors to look up to who read from kindles. I mention them because they are the experts in books, but the truth is nobody used kindles, or nooks, or kindle iPad, iPhone, or iPod apps until just recently. The book format we have today has been used for centuries, which means eBooks simply aren’t as tried and true.


1.All in One

Okay, time to talk practicality. Unless you’re Mary Poppins, carrying multiple books with you everywhere you travel takes effort. Hence, the eBook, a device thinner and sometimes shorter than even the tiniest books.

2. Price

Ebooks cost less than books; it’s as simple as that. And, if you like the classics, Kindle has a wide selection you can download for free(and I write that with the emphasis on free). 🙂

3. Shape

This may be a bit trivial, but does it get on anyone else’s nerves when it requires two hands to hold down a book into a readable position? The kindle, however, always stays flat on its surface, and that means a lot to someone who feels like she’s constantly wrestling with a flopping book.

4. Instant Downloads

With the exception of books I already own, if I want to read a physical book, first I must make a trip to the library, order it from Amazon, or ask a friend to borrow it. But, with kindles, I can download it onto my kindle in a matter of minutes.

So there you have it, my two cents on the issue. Which do you prefer?