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Cinderella: The Cartoon

A few weeks ago, while browsing a Disney section at Fred Meyer, Monica and I resolved to read the original stories for and watch all the Disney princess movies based on Grimm’s/Hans Christian Andersen stories. Hopefully, we’ll also get around to reviewing them all here.

Monica chose to do Cinderella first, so, after some difficulties finding it at the library, we settled on an online version of the original story.

The Book

Monica’s Review of the Book

“The part where the stepsisters cut off half of their foot was funny, and also kind of weird. And the stepmother told them to do that! The birds were kind of funny when the Prince went with the wrong sister. My favorite character was Cinderella.”

My Review

Weird. Chances are, you won’t find me saying this about just any book you pull off the shelf, but when it comes to Cinderella, the movie turned out far better than the book.

I’m glad the Disney makers left out the stepsisters who employed rather violent methods to squeeze the glass slipper on, the birds who viciously attack characters, and the prince who mistook Cinderella for someone else(twice!). I’m glad we tried the original story if only for the sake of comparison, but, honestly, weird is the best word I can find to describe it.

The Cartoon Movie

Monica’s Review of the Cartoon Movie

“It was good, and I think the mice were really funny(the way they talked). Gus was being loud, so the mouse with the red shirt had to calm him down all the time. Gus was, I think, in a mousetrap, but it was weird, because it didn’t have any peanut butter in it. I did not know that Cinderella said goodbye when she left. When the prince and Cinderella were dancing, I was surprised that they were singing. I’m giving Cinderella 4 and a half stars.”

Favorite Character: Cinderella

My Review of the Movie-

I agreed to watching the Cinderella cartoon, but didn’t expect much. “How could it even compare to the movie?” I thought. I even told Monica, “The newer one isn’t one isn’t on DVD yet, so we’ll have to watch this one, but the new one is really more exciting.” And, although I began it feeling skeptical, the cartoon surprised me. I laughed at the mice, thoroughly enjoyed the songs, and didn’t yawn throughout the whole thing. 

One complaint– The prince. I prefer movies like Tangled or Beauty and the Beast where the man is developed throughout the film. All this prince did here was bow a handful of times, yawn, dance a few steps, sing a couple lines, call back the fleeing Cinderella, and marry her right before the story ended. I’m giving Cinderella three out of five stars.

Favorite Character(s): The mice.

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